Hudson Institute launched the Kleptocracy Archive: Poroshenko on the front page

The Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative launched its Kleptocracy Archive and now anyone interested can search for thousands of primary source documents on corruption in authoritarian regimes at

Hudson’s Kleptocracy Initiative (KI) examines the growing threat posed to Western democracies by autocratic regimes. The Achilles’ heel of today’s autocracies is they are politically structured as kleptocracies, creating the potential to expose the massive and often hidden financial mechanisms used to shelter misappropriated assets. Today’s unchecked autocracies/kleptocracies are demonstrating contempt for international law, resulting in territorial expansionism and cyber attacks that seriously threaten US national security.

The Kleptocracy Archive will be constantly updated, adding new material every day, Julie Davidson, the Director of KI said. For now, over 100,000 pages are available on the Archive’s website, and 25,000 additional documents are in the process of being processed and uploaded, including summaries on over 100 legal cases. The main sources for the Archive thus far have come from research done by the Kleptocracy Initiative’s own staff, as well as from investigative journalists. In the future, the founders hope that crowdsourcing is going to be the main source of the Archive’s growth. Submitted documents that are accepted into the Archive will be carefully scrubbed of all metadata to preserve submitters’ anonymity.

Archive’s main page:


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Some of Archive’s page:

Petro Poroshenko

Rinat Akhmetov

Dmytro Firtash

Leonid Chernovetskyi

In the Kleptocracy Archive you can also find information about Vladimir Putin and all Russian top-politics and businessmen.

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