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US Sen. John McCain states that Russian armed forces may attack Ukraine from Moldova

US Senator Republican Party John McCain told about the possibility that Russian forces would invade in the Odessa region from the Transnistria (Moldova).

This was stated in his interview with Ukrainian news broadcaster TSN on Friday (March 13)

McCain admitted that Putin has already gained Eastern Ukraine. In future it is expected that he would make a battleground in a port city Mariupol.

“If he thinks that he can get away with it and won’t have to pay a price, he will try to attack Odesa from Moldova. He has 1,400 Russian troops or so-called peacekeepers in Transnistria,” McCain said.

Last week Arizona Sen. John McCain met with Ukrainians in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

Sen. Chris Murphy and Arizona Sen. John McCain spoke to a packed house at the Ukrainian National Home in support of giving U.S. weapons to Ukrainians to help in their fight against Russian-backed terrorists:

“There’s no doubt that they’re being outgunned by Vladimir Putin and we’ve already had legislation authorizing it thanks to Senator Murphy’s leadership,” said McCain.

As it is well known US supports Ukraine in the conflict against pro-Russian terrorists with non-lethal aid . Although in recent months several top American officials such as the U.S. Republican Senator John McCain, the US’s top military officer General Martin Dempsey, the Pentagon chief, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Washington to help Ukraine with lethal arms to fight pro-Russia forces.


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