UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2202 (2015) that calls to settle peace in Eastern Ukraine

On February 17, 2015, UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2202 (2015).

The UN Security Council approved a “set of measures for the implementation of agreements Minsk” and welcomed the Declaration of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in support of “complex measures” agreed on February 12, 2015 in Minsk. UN Security Council called on all parties to the full implementation of the “package of measures”, including a ceasefire.

Top cynicism is that the idea of this resolution was made by Russia, which violates its obligations under the Minsk agreements.

Today, all nations of the world are witnessing a brutal violating of the Minsk agreements. Using the observance of the Ukrainian side of the ceasefire, with the support of terrorists increasing offensive in the area of Debaltsevo. The Russian side has consistently blocked the OSCE missions’ opportunity to monitor the situation. Russia continues to supply weapons to the territory of Ukraine.

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev (Ukraine) said his country welcomed support for recent agreements reached last week:

“While the Russian side had positioned itself as a devoted proponent for peace and had even suggested the resolution that had just been adopted, what happened in reality was different. Unfortunately, despite hope from all the parties over the fulfilment of all the commitments, non-compliance with the agreements had ruined the prospect for peace,” he said.

The U.S.representative Samantha Power said it was ironic that the Russian Federation had called the meeting to adopt a resolution on a conflict that it had fuelled:

“Amid conflicting reports about whether or not Debaltseve had fallen, the ceasefire that had been in effect since Sunday had not been respected, with many civilians enduring the terror of ongoing assaults. In addition, forces that the Russian Federation had trained and armed were still active,” underlined Samantha Power.

The resolution calls all parties to fully implement the ‘Package of measures’, including a comprehensive ceasefire under any circumstances, to bring to justice all those responsible for the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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