The Ceasefire in Russian style – the heavy fighting for the Donetsk airport right now

During the last week continues the extremely active attacks on the Donetsk airport, which Russian separatists can not take the third month. Ukrainian troops that control the airport keep continue to repel the attacks. Attacker’s losses for two weeks were over 300 killed.

Artillery attacks on airport. Separatist’s video.

Why the separatists need the airport so desperately right now is unknown. The most common version is that Russia plans to use it to legitimize the appearance of terrorist’s aviation. This method was used by Russia in supplying terrorists with weapons in spring. Terrorists arrogated one armored vehicle, then Russia imported 10 more that moved one by one and showed the Russian media like that was the occupied one.

Donetsk airport

Whatever the motives, the Russian troops reinforced by local separatists attack the airport almost continuously with the use of artillery, multiple rocket launcher BM-21 Grad and modernized Russian T-72 tanks.


Preparing attacks on airport. Separatist’s video.


Russian T-72 tanks: before and after

Airport is not blocked completely. Ukrainian army regularly delivers food and ammunition for Ukrainian soldiers who hold the airport and transports wounded.


Night attack on airport

As you know Pro-Russian terrorists and Russian army troops violated ceasefire in its first day

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  1. “Russian T-72 tanks: before and after”
    I think there’s some mistake, one of the destroyed tank has ukrainian white stripes?

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    • Perhaps it was. But this tank seems like T-72, and Ukraine army doesn’t have t-72.
      It is big possibility that this was incident at the beginning of October, when Russian tanks tried to infiltrate in Donetsk airport under the guise of the Ukrainian military troops.

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