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Russian political analyst Belkovsky said that Trump tried to sexually assault him in Moscow in 2013 (video)

Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky said that Donald Trump tried to sexually assault him during his visit to Moscow on November 9, 2013.

Belkovsky said this at the TV show on Dozhd channel (also known as TV Rain) during the discussion of results of the census in Russian Federation. They also spoke about people who wrote their homosexual orientation, and also those who consciously pointed out all kinds of nonsense like “vampires” etc.

About this Mr. Belkovskyy said that it is not any serious perversion compared to the behaviour of Donald Trump, who tried to sexually assault him at the competition “Miss Universe-2013” in Moscow.

“I’ll understand tries to sexually assault women or young boys. But elderly bearded man – this is a real perversion” – said Belkovsky.

UaPosition does not provide assessment to the statement of Mr. Belkovskyy, however, it must be admitted that Mr. Belkovskyy is not some political freak like Vladimir Zhyrynovskyy. Stanislav Belkovsky is a Russian political analyst and communication specialist, a founder and director of the Russain National Strategy Institute. Stanislav Belkovsky on Wikipedia.



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