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This is Ukraine today – March 24: Militants in Donbas are increasingly using heavy weapons

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March 24 – 1 Ukrainian military was killed and 8 were injured in the last 24 hours in the ATO area, – informed NDSC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

March 24 – One of the leaders of “Donetsk People’s Republic” Denis Pushylin believes that the President of the Russian Federation will have to be able to invade Ukraine with the Russian army if President Barack Obama approves arms supply to Ukraine.

March 24 – Minister of Finance Natalie Jaresko believes that IMF could refuse to grant Ukraine the second tranche of aid if Kyiv is unable to restructure its external debt.

March 24 – Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine may be subject to change and the changes are likely to occur as a packaged deal, said in his interview with “Ukrainska Pravda”, – said First Deputy Speaker Andriy Parubiy. Finally.

March 24 – First Deputy Speaker Andriy Parubiy believes that the militants and Russian armed forces are preparing the most intense attack on Ukraine to date. According to Parubiy this information has been confirmed by NATO and the US intelligence. Whereas Ukraine is oblivious and is trying to keep with local oligarchs fighting – Kolomoyskiy against Poroshenko or vice versa. Indeed, when God wants to punish someone, it takes away their mind.

March 24 – Russian President Vladimir Putin accepts that in 2018 someone else might take office. The issue of the fourth term was raised by Putin during a meeting with the head of WorldSkills Simon Bartley, reports “Interfax”. Was Putin indeed substituted for someone else a week ago or does he feel like he might not live to see 2018…

March 24 – Ukrainian pilot and deputy Nadiya Savchenko during her hunger strile since December 13, 2014 has dropped down to 24 kilograms. This was relayed in the German Bild, after a conversation with Savchenko’s mother and sister. According to the report, before being arrested, the pilot weighed 78 kg, and now – 50. Also the publication states that last Friday Savchenko was transported to a hospital due to a marked decline in her health and problems with her kidney and liver. At this time the sister of the imprisoned, Vira, is convinced that Nadiya will survive this decline. “She will not do Putin such a favor as to die quickly,” she stated.

March 24 – Right now EU is much better prepared to interruptions in the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine than during the gas crisis of 2009 and will quite painlessly experience even a several-month stoppage of this delivery. This is the basic result of the investigation, published on March 19th by the Institute of Studying Economics of Energetics at Cologne University [Energiewirtschaftliches Institut, EWI), writes DW.

March 23 – Starting April 1st, Ukraine is planning to suspend purchase of gas from Russia since there is no necessity in it, -said the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchyshyn.

March 23 – The officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who spied for Russian Federation was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for treason by the rayon Court of Zaporizhia. Preliminary investigation found that the Air Force officer Lt., named “S” (b.1983) collected data used by fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (password systems, call signs, directions of movement of the Armed Forces, radio frequencies of warplanes) and sold it to foreign partners.

March 23 – Militants in Donbas are increasingly using heavy weapons, which should have been withdrawn from the boundary according to Minsk agreements, – said the organizer of “Information Resistance” group Dmytro Tymchuk. A group of Russian tanks have demonstratively entered Horlivka yesterday. Thus Russia is openly violating Minsk agreements.

March 23 – The office of Odessa volunteer Alevtyna Korotka was blown up in Odessa (the office is located on the ground floor of a 9-floor apartment building at 2 Genaneva St.). Security Service of Ukraine is suspecting Russian terrorists who were visiting Odesa; this is not the first incident of such kind involving volunteers who are supporting Ukrainian Army.

March 23 – Former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and Poland, Carl Bildt and Radoslav Sikorski warned EU about Putin’s intentions regarding Ukraine; however, Brussels slept. Carl Bildt: “I think that we should have reacted more decisively regarding Russia when they started to act inappropriately in summer 2013,” he mentioned.

According to the former minister, in the closest time Putin’s intention will be to transform the occuppied territoties into enclaves. “I think that at the given moment he yearns to create enclaves of these ‘national republics’ in practice, without nations, in fact, but none the less – to strengthen them regarding armed forces,” he noted.

I think that he would like that they (the self-pronounced republics – ed.) would have the possibility of carrying out armed operations through their own forces, because he knows that the political price connected with deploying regular Russian troops time after time, is too high,” emphasized Bildt. He is waiting to exploit the weak places in Ukraine and in the West. He considers time to be on his side and that the West will get weary of the whole thing,” he observed.

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