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This is Ukraine today – February 17: Pro-Russian separatists have seized parts of Debaltseve from government troops

February 17 – Cabinet of Ministers states about the destruction of 20% of the economic potential of Ukraine as a result of the conflict in Donbas. Relevant data are presented in the report on the losses and damage suffered by Ukraine from Russian aggression, named as “The Black Book of Kremlin.” On the whole, the war, carried out by Putin against Ukraine, has by today destroyed almost 20% of our current economic potential, including the approximate revenue and money flow. In particular, the budget did not receive close to 23 milliard UAH due to the occupation of Donbas and Crimea. The fighters destroyed 1.4 thousand of objects of railroad infra-structure and 1.5 thousand kilometers of automobile roads. There have been more than 9,000 living quarters destroyed. The overall amount of destruction amounts to 1 milliard UAH. According to previous calculations, Ukraine, due to the Russian aggression will not annually receive close to 3% GDP from agricultural entities.

February 17 – Canada is imposing sanctions against top Russian oil firm NK Rosneft OAO and the head of conglomerate Rostec, among others, in response to the actions of Russian-backed militants in Ukraine

February 17 – The United Nations Security Council called on all parties in eastern Ukraine to stop fighting and implement a European-brokered peace deal as an almost three-day-old ceasefire rapidly began to unravel.

February 17 – In a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has demanded a “tough reaction” from the West against Russia over the broken ceasefire. The truce began at midnight on Feb. 15.

February 17 – Kyiv has confirmed that pro-Russian separatists have seized parts of Debaltseve from government troops, and said fighting was continuing in the eastern Ukrainian town despite a cease-fire deal agreed last week in Minsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin said pro-Moscow rebels should allow Ukranian government forces safe passage out of the encircled eastern town of Debaltseve but Kyiv should not prevent its troops from giving up their weapons.

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There’ll be no peace while Putin is squatting in Ukraine’s living room

No peace while Putin squats in Ukraine

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