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This is Ukraine today – February 16: Pro-Russian separatists cannot “morally” stop fighting for the town of Debaltseve

February 16 – Continued sanctions against Russia, crisis in Ukraine, and January terrorist acts in Paris have placed under threat the possibility of a peaceful life for more than 800 million Europeans. This was raised in the letter by the speaker of Derzhduma in Russia, Serhiy Naryshkin, addressed to the Parliaments of European countries, the European Council, European Parliament, as well as the OBSE Parliamentary Assembly, writes Newsweek. The letter urges European Parliaments to stop the crisis. It is noteworthy that the letter is not a public letter. It was released to journalists by the Parliaments. Interesting – who will resolve this war – if not Russia? Of course, Russia decided to scare the world with a World War, which it itself is unleashing. A reminder, on Monday, the new EU sanctions against Russia took effect.

February 16 – Illegal armed groups have fired at the positions of ATO forces over 112 times. The fragile ceasefire in Ukraine appears to have collapsed just 48 hours after being implemented, as separatist fighters and government troops continued to engage in tit-for-tat fighting.

February 16 – Pro-Russian separatists cannot “morally” stop fighting for the town of Debaltseve in east Ukraine because it is “internal territory” and must respond to fire from Ukrainian troops, Denis Pushilin, a rebel representative.

February 16 – In Rostov province, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has completed the preparation of the 12th column of humanitarian aid for Donbas and it is ready to ship. It consists of more than 170 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid totaling more than 1.5 thousand tons. The next “humanitarian convoy” of the Russian Federation, which crosses the Ukrainian border without the permission of the Ukrainian authorities, will be regarded as an invasion. This was stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Yuriy Sergeyev, says Joinfo.ua.

February 16 – The United States said on Feb. 16 it is “gravely concerned” by fighting in and around Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine that flared up after a ceasefire agreement and said it is closely monitoring reports of a new column of Russian military equipment moving toward the region.

February 16 – The situation in eastern Ukraine is very unstable, and the path towards a total peace will be extremely complicated, especially concerning the situation around Debaltsev. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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