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This is Ukraine today – February 1: Russian Armed Forces and terrorists have deployed 95% of their military equipment in order to occupy the city of Debaltsevo

February 1 – 13 Ukrainian military were killed and 20 injured in the combat area in Donbas on January 31st, – informed NSDC representative Volodymyr Polevyi.

February 1 – Russian Armed Forces and terrorists have deployed 95% of their military equipment (machinery) in order to occupy the city of Debaltsevo. Ukrainian Armed Forces are retaining their position at an important railway junction of Debaltsevo. Heavy fighting continues. Ukrainians have retreated from the town of Vuhlehirsk, which is a suburb of Debaltsevo.

February 1 – Sievierodonetsk city councilor Serhiy Samarskyi has said that billionaire and former MP (Party of Regions) Rinat Akhmetov personally offered up to 25 million USD to security workers at thermal power plant in the town of Shchastia (Luhansk oblast) if they agree to lift the security – he must have wanted to let the terrorist have access to the power plant.

February 1 – Five Ukrainian military were freed from captivity in exchange for captive terrorists.

February 1 – Crosses in memory of victims of Mariupol shelling were installed near the Russian Embassy. 30 wooden crosses were installed by the activists on the lawn opposite the building – each cross has a name plaque with the name of a dead Mariupol resident and a phrase “Killed by Russian invaders.”

February 1 – During the meeting in Minsk on January 31st, the representatives of “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and “People’s Republic of Luhansk” demanded that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko issues a decree on unilateral ceasefire. “They demanded that the President of Ukraine should issue a decree on unilateral ceasefire, threatening otherwise to resume full-scale combat along entire front line”, – said Leonid Kuchma, a representative for Ukraine during negotiations. They also demanded that the territory they control when the war is over, must be enlarged and insisted on defining the contact line as of January 31st and not according to Minsk agreements of September 19th, 2014. “In response to what assurances can be given that they do not come up with yet another contact line, they kept quiet”, – said Kuchma. Typical blackmail from Putin. Following well in Hitler’s footsteps.

February 1 – MVS and SBU discovered the attempt to kill Andriy Parubiy. On December 24, in the center of Kyiv, a war grenade was thrown at the First Vice-Speaker. It wasthe location established that the instigator-organizer of the attempt at A.V.Parubiy was Shuliak S.M., who during the rule of V.F. Yanukovych served as the First Vice-Director of the Administration of the Management of the State Security Forces of Ukraine, the commander of the Internal Forces of Ukraine. As a result of complex operational-research efforts, the location and apprehension of staff-member was carried out – citizen “K”, a person by Shuliak, who personally selected participants to commit this crime and controlled and coordinated their activities at the scene of the crime, and also organized their disappearance from the scene of the crime. Also on January 30, one more participant of this crime group was apprehended, citizen “C”, the head of division of providing guards and accompanying of the trucks of a private company (in the past he served in the 101st separate brigade of the security of the General Staff of the Ministry of Security of Ukraine) who while being at the scene of the crime, followed the commands of citizen “K” and transmitted his orders to the perpetrator of the crime. Furthermore he assisted to transport and get the criminal outside of the territory of Ukraine into the Russian Federation. It was established that for performance of this crime, citizen “C” received money passed on to him from the Russian Federation, which he then distributed among the members of the criminal group.

January 31 – 15 Ukrainian military were killed, 33 injured, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko. Vuhlehirsk remains the location of the most intense fighting – -the terrorists are attempting to invade the city and occupy best positions to later invade more territories closer to Debaltseve, including the city itself. “The danger exists that the militants will attack Mariupol, however ATO forces are ready to properly deal with this attack “, – emphasized Lysenko. “According to intelligence, new units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are relocating. Russian soldiers are also stepping in for local pro-Russian militants at the frontline, – stated he.

January 31 – 8 civilians were killed as a result of shelling in the city of Horlivka, 19 civilians were injured.

January 31 – The militants are systematically destroying Donbas – for instance, there is no water, electricity or heat supply in Debaltseve and Avdiyivka as a result of all terrorist attacks, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko. Also there is no electricity in 62 cities of Donetsk oblast.

January 31 – In Debaltseve the terrorists haven’t stopped shelling residential areas – 12 people were killed in gunfire, -stated the Head of Interior Ministry Department in Donetsk oblast Vyacheslav Abroskin. “Volunteers and police are transporting civilians and their families under constant shelling.”

January 31 – Prosecutor General’s Office has questioned former MP (Party of Regions) billionaire Rinat Akhmetov in the case of financing terrorism in Donbas, – stated Attorney General Vitaliy Yarema. According to Yarema, the prosecutor has been checking the information about involvement of other billionaires such as Nataliya Korolevska and Oleksandr Yefremov in financing terrorism in Donbas.

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