This is Ukraine today – December 30: American Westinghouse Electric Company providing to increase the supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants of Ukraine

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December 30 – In the last 24 hours overall situation in Donbas became more intense despite the ceasefire, – said NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko: “We have recorded relocation and accumulation of militants near the town of Shchastya and particularly close to Old Aydar village – the terrorists have been transferring rocket artillery, including self-propelled and tanks… Militants have attacked a Ukrainian army stronghold near the village of Pisky (Yasynuvata rayon). The enemy was turned back, the terrorists suffered heavy losses”, – said Lysenko.

December 30 – Law enforcement officers have prevented a terrorist attack in Odessa on December 29th, – said NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

December 30 – In “People’s Republic of Luhansk” they have prepared to change the route of Luhansk-Moscow train to bypass Ukraine, – said NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

December 30 – More than 820,000 internally displaced persons from Crimea and Donbas have been registered in Ukraine as of December 30th, stated Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

December 30 – Occupation authorities in Crimea have demanded that law enforcement officials, judges and state officials hand over their Ukrainian passports, – said local “prime minister” Sergei Aksyonov.

December 30 – National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (“Energoatom”) has signed a contract with an American Westinghouse Electric Company providing to increase the supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants of Ukraine by 2020 from. Russian Foreign Ministry was quick to dub this Ukrainian-American cooperation as a “large-scale experiment that can cause a very serious accident”. Prior to this contract, Ukraine was buying nuclear fuel from Russia.

December 30 – Within the nearest time Russia will cease to be the basic strategic partner of Ukraine.

This was state by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk during the summarizing press conference on Tuesday. According to him, the Russian Federation neither ever fulfilled nor does it fulfill any two-sided agreements, including those in the economic sphere. “We have a double decrease in the realm of trade with RF. This is not the first year that this is occurring and in the shortest perspective, Russia will not be among the basic trade partners of Ukraine,” stated the premier.

December 30 – Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said that the government of Russia planned to carry out an energy blockade of Ukraine. “All issues dealing with Russia – are political issues. With Russians there exist none non-political issues. And any sort of decision which is ratified in our two-sided relationship – if one may call it a relationship, Kremlin perceives only through a political prism,” stated Yatseniuk. “What did Kremlin have in mind? Obviously, it was to carry out an energy blockade of Ukraine,” he is convinced. “Therefore, it is because of gas that we found ourselves in a position – and together with our European and American partners took a series of steps,” stated Yatseniuk. “We diversified the delivery of gas and transfered to providing 60% of gas from the European Union; decreased the actual price; saved up to a million dollars on the difference in price between the Russian price and the price of the EU countries; went to court; signed a three-sided agreement, through which Europe became involved in delivering gas – and in principle, balanced our gas market,” he specified. Right now in Ukraine’s storage areas of gas, there are 11.7 million cubic meters of gas,” stated Yatseniuk.

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