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This is Ukraine today – December 28: Russia is using humanitarian aid convoys to arm pro-Russian fighters in Donbas

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

December 28 – No Ukrainian military were killed, 3 were wounded in the ATO are in the last 24 hours, – informs NSDC.

December 28 – Angela Merkel has confirmed that Nursultan Nazarbayev is authorized to mediate talks regarding the situation in Donbas, held with participation from the representatives of Ukraine and the terrorists. Merkel mentioned that the terrorists should be “pushed” during the talks.

December 28 – The cost of electricity and gas supplied to occupied areas of Donbas has amounted to more than 1 billion USD, – said Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Gennadiy Zubko: “Every month electricity and gas is supplied to the areas controlled by terrorists and no payment is receives. The cost of electricity and gas supplied has amounted to more than 1 billion USD”, – said Zubko.

December 28Russia is using humanitarian aid convoys to arm pro-Russian fighters in Donbas, informed the Chairman of Moscow city branch of the Red Cross Igor Trunov, – writes The Interpreter. Trunov has said that he does not want to “throw brickbats” in the Russian government. But “international law exists” and Moscow has violated it. The use of humanitarian aid convoys to supply arms across an international border is an “invasion” and “violation” of the law.

December 28 – Another dispatch of Ukrainian humanitarian aid has been sent to Donbas, including to areas occupied by the militants.

December 28 – Starting on December 29th, entry to Mariupol from eastern direction will be temporarily restricted in order to avoid possible diversions.

Ukraine: fleght for freedom

New website to promote information about UKRAINE in 11 languages…

Louis Dowse

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Government soldiers on the front lines speak to Al Jazeera about war, peace and the precarious ceasefire.

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