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This is Ukraine today – December 13: Russia’s actions in the east Ukraine indicate that Kremlin has no long-term strategy or plan

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December 13 – China fears that Russia will not be able to meet its obligations due to economic instability. Kremlin’s idea to weaken the dollar by using ruble was not supported by Beijing because Russian currency is too unstable and risky for international payments – as stated by an analyst of public risks and loans with reference to an official printed media of People’s Republic of China “People’s Daily”.

December 13 – The US is calling on all countries not to support previously developed business relations with Russia – said US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki at a briefing in Washington. This statement by Psaki was made in connection with the visit of Russian official delegation to India and the signing of a number of contracts there.

December 13 – Tired of the constant looting and unrest, residents of the city of Krasny Luch (located at temporarily occupied territory of Donbas) have forced so-called “Russian cossacks” out of the city, – informs ATO press-center.

December 13 – Russia’s actions in the east Ukraine indicate that Kremlin has no long-term strategy or plan. Such opinion was expressed by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview for German newspaper Die Tageszeitung.

December 13 – Russian terrorists have carried out 7 provocative attacks on ATO positions near Frunze, Krymske, Stanytsia Luhanska, Nikishyno, – informs ATO press-center: “Terrorist gangs continue to undermine ceasefire and aim for armed confrontation. In order to implement their treacherous plans, terrorists use infantry guns, mortars and anti-tank guided missiles”.

December 13- Moscow will reply should Washington introduce new anti-Russian sanctions. This was stated by the vice-president of MZS of Russia, Serhiy Riabkov, Interfax transmitted. “Of course, we would not be able to leave it without a reply,” he claimed on Saturday in answering questions posed by journalists. We remind all, that earlier it was reported that U.S. Congress ratified the law project, Act of Support of Freedom in Ukraine, which foresees the introduction of new sanctions against the RF. Under these sanctions should fall the Rosoboronexport, all key investors in gas procurement in Russia, as well as Russian government and private structures that provide productions of VPK to other countries of the region, especially to Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia, without the agreement of the government of the appropriate country. At the same time, they eventually notified that the document after all agreements in both sections of USA Congress, underwent certain changes in the formulation of the issues of sanctions against Russia.

December 13 – At least 4,634 people were killed by the terrorists in the Eastern Section of Ukraine; over 10,000 were wounded. This is stated in the report of the United Nation Headquarters on the coordination of humanitarian issues. According to the document, over 540,000 people were forced to leave Donbas for safer regions of the country. Also, the same amount of people left the territory of Ukraine. In his turn, the representative of Ukraine, Yaroslav Holitsyn at the meeting of the UN General Assembly stated that in the regions which suffered from fighting activity, there live over 5 million Ukrainians.

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