Summary for June 26 by Information Resistance

Brothers and sisters!
Here’s the Summary for June 26, 2014

The bad news:

1. The ceasefire, which ends tomorrow, has led to nothing (except some political gains for Kyiv, which are, however, too early to assess).

Insurgents keep shooting just as they used to shoot. A creature with the eyes of a water rat by the name of Tsariov bleats about some constitution for “LNR” and “DNR” [Luhansk- and Donetsk People’s Republics], some “inviolable union of free republics” and other supernatural things.

However, in all this fuss there is a plus. Since the terrorists recognized Tsariov as the main clown in their farce, he is the one who will lead a hardworking brigade of Donbas militants into the “zone” [Ed. Note: Russian slang for prison]. We won’t have to feel torment worrying whom to appoint as their foreman.

2. Today an activist of Kharkiv Euromaidan, Valentyn Bystrychenko, announced that the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Kharkiv had sentenced him and two other protesters to 50 hours of community service for singing the famous song about Putin [Putin Khuylo] at a protest rally against the separatists.

The judge is either a very brave, or a very stupid person, if (s)he really gave the punishment just for a hit [song] about Putin. This song is our national treasure, it is untouchable, just like the Big Ben in Britain.

Besides, the world has no other song this short, consisting of only three words (counting the “la-la-la”), which could so astutely characterize the subject of the chant in both an individual, psychological as well as in the foreign policy sense.

So, the Judge should have explained him/herself clearly, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

3. The puppet government of the annexed Crimea has “nationalized” the shipbuilding company “Morie” [translated as Sea] in Feodosia.

To our great happiness, the industry in Crimea is not enough to swear by. In the military-industrial context, we, in fact, have lost only two major production lines that have no counterparts on the mainland, namely the production of hovercraft (the above mentioned “Morie” ship-building plant) and the production of parachutes.

However, the latter can be restored in mainland Ukraine, there are options. But we will have to say ‘goodbye’ to “Zubr” [translated as Bison], the famous amphibious hovercraft. Until the occupiers are expelled from Crimea.

The good news:

1. President Poroshenko promised that tomorrow, June 27th, with the end of the ceasefire, to make an “important decision” if the terrorists didn’t accept the conditions of his peace plan. He also noted that today the terrorist representatives “expressed a desire to participate in a meeting on Friday.”

Solid intrigue. But Poroshenko’s attitude suggests that he is willing to act decisively if gunmen begin to drag their feet again.

However, let’s look at the actual facts. Now our guys in the ATO forces are waiting for some adequate orders. It’s painful for them to sit with hands folded while brazen little fighters use the ceasefire to strengthen their positions.

2. A more specific piece of news from Poroshenko: today, he announced at PACE [Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe] that without the return of Crimea, there would be no normal relations with Russia.

As they say in the army, right on the money.

Only it’s not enough to just speak about it. But we must take measures today to return Crimea already. I hope that the future National Security Strategy and the Military Doctrine of Ukraine (by the way, when will we hear about a start of preparation of these documents?), as well as the further process of army reform will focus on solving this problem. Since Crimea is our second largest military and political problem, after the current solution of the Donbas issue.

3. Our security forces report: Russian border control guards destroy terrorists during their flight from the territory of Ukraine to Russia. However, they allow them entry into Ukraine without problems.

Purely in the style of the NKVD, Putin-style. Terrorists must know, the entrance to Donbas costs one Ruble, the exit costs two. It is easy to enter, but not as easy to get out, the fire of the ATO forces is ahead, and behind is the fire of Russian “friends.” Welcome to hell.

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Dmitry Tymchuk

Reserve officer, director of the NGO Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of “Information Resistance” (hereinafter “IR”) – a non-governmental project that aims to counteract external threats to the informational space of Ukraine in the main areas of military, economic, and energy, as well as the sphere of informational security.

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