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Daily Highlights: 10/01/2015

The requirements for candidates for the Anti-Corruption Bureau Head has been set. SBU has announced that the entry to the territory controlled by the terrorist Donetsk and Luhansk “republics” will be by permit only. Journalists state that the Malaysian airliner flight MH-17 was hit by a Russian  Buk-M1 SAM system.

Key Events In Ukraine

●      The members of the Elections Commission of Anti-Corruption Bureau Head decided that he/she could be a foreigner. General requirements for the candidate – up to 65 years old, a law degree, transparent declaration, non-participation in political parties.
●      Latvian Foreign Minister Rinkevics met with Foreign Minister Klimkin and President Poroshenko in Kyiv. They discussed issues of macro-financial assistance, cooperation in restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the EU’s position on relations with Russia which will be discussed on January 19.

War in Ukraine

●      The situation in the Donbass remains extremely tense. Ukrainian army positions and settlements were under fire dozens of times from small arms, mortars, artillery and tanks. The most serious was the situation in the Donetsk airport and surrounding towns, as well as in the neighborhood Debaltseve.
●      SBU introduces a special permit regime at checkpoints on the transport corridors in the war zone in the Donbass. Details of the procedure for crossing the front line are not announced yet.
●      Poland began the evacuation of more than 200 Ukrainian citizens of Polish origin from  Donbass who have expressed a desire to leave the country.
●      According to the investigation conducted by German journalists, Malaysian airliner flight MH-17 was shot down by a Russian missile SAM “Buk-M1”.

Ukraine and the World

●      Ukrainian consul was able to meet with the pilot Ms. Savchenko, who continues hunger strike from December 15 to be recognised as a POW.
●      German Chancellor Merkel in a her video message called on Europe to consolidate in the opposition to violations of international law, such as the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea. In her opinion, the partial abolition of sanctions against Russia isn’t possible.
●      Hungary resumed reverse supplies of natural gas to Ukraine.
●      French police take maximum security measures to protect participants in the funeral procession in memory of the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, which will be attended by the presidents of France and Ukraine, German Chancellor and the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Short talks between Chancellor Merkel and President Poroshenko are planned as a part of the event.

Dmitry Tymchuk

Reserve officer, director of the NGO Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of “Information Resistance” (hereinafter “IR”) – a non-governmental project that aims to counteract external threats to the informational space of Ukraine in the main areas of military, economic, and energy, as well as the sphere of informational security.

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