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Press about Ukraine in Middle East. MAR 19, 2015

Read more in Press about Ukraine in Middle East:

THE GULF TODAY (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) :   Ukraine warns EU to avoid sanctions split

ANADOLU AGENCY (TURKEY) :  Russian rule ‘worse than Soviets,’ says Crimean Tatar leader

AL JAZEERA (QATAR) :   Russia’s failing designs for Arctic oil exploration

EGYLOVERS (EGYPT) :   EU Likely to Keep Russia Sanctions After Merkel Weighs In

THE NATIONAL (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) :   Russians celebrate first anniversary of Crimea annexation – video

CYPRUS MAIL (CYPRUS) :   EU likely to keep Russia sanctions after Merkel weighs in

WORLD BULLETIN (TURKEY) :   Georgians defy Russia in Ukraine

THE DAILY STAR (LEBANON) :   Ukraine warns EU to avoid sanctions split

EGYPT INDEPENDENT (EGYPT) :   Merkel: EU won’t lift sanctions on Russia until Minsk conditions met

MANAR TV (LEBANON) :  UK Troops Start Training Mission in Ukraine

ANADOLU AGENCY (TURKEY) :   Ukraine expects ‘good results’ during Erdogan’s visit

THE DAILY STAR (LEBANON) :   UK troops start training mission in Ukraine: ministry

I24NEWS (ISRAEL) :   Russia stirs anger with South Ossetia ‘annexation’ deal

EGYLOVERS (EGYPT) :  Rights Group Criticizes Use of Cluster Bombs in Ukraine


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Middle East


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  1. Good to see Ukraine read around the world. The truth must be known.

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