Press about Ukraine in Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. JUL 10, 2015

The Daily Star (Lebanon) : Ukraine leader warns of ‘terror’ threat to peaceful cities

Independent Online (South Africa) : ‘Greece hasn’t asked Russia for aid’

Asharq Al-Awsat (Middle East) : Opinion: Greece and the Return of Ideology

Anadolu Agency (Turkey) : UN: One in nine Ukrainians need aid

World Bulletin (Turkey) : 5 million Ukrainians need humanitarian aid

The Daily Star (Lebanon) : Gunman kills 3 postal workers in Ukraine, steals $115,000

Fars News Agency (Iran) : Ukraine Shells Solntsevo Village in Donetsk from Grad MLRS

Egypt Independent (Egypt) : Poroshenko says terrorist threat in Ukraine has ‘significantly risen’

Cyprus Mail (Cyprus) : Poroshenko says terrorist threat in Ukraine has ‘significantly risen’

The Daily Star (Lebanon) : Poroshenko says terrorist threat in Ukraine has ‘significantly risen’

Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) : Russia opposes UN tribunal for MH17 culprits

World Bulletin (Turkey) : Nuclear weapons in Crimea will be directed to Turkey

World Bulletin (Turkey) : Ukraine: Crimean issue not closed

Iran English Radio (Iran) : Lavrov slams US claims of ‘Russian threat’

Iran English Radio (Iran) : ‘Russia greatest threat to US security’

The Jerusalem Post (Israel) : Wiesenthal Center slams Ukrainian Holocaust bill

Prensa Latina (Cuba) : Russian Attorneyâ€Ãƒ-s Office Gathers Evidence of War Crimes in Ukraine

Anadolu Agency (Turkey) : Crimean issue not closed says Ukrainian minister

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