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Press about Ukraine in Europe. MAY 20, 2015

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Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Eurovision song contest installs ‘anti-booing’ technology over Ukraine crisis

The Independent (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine crisis: Petro Poroshekno warns Russia will invade in the summer

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : EU Eastern Partnership summit will highlight failure of plan to check Russia

European Voice (EU) : Saving ‘Juncker’s baby’

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : Germany to pay Soviet prisoners-of-war

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : International Red Cross visits two soldiers detained in Ukraine

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : Ukrainian president says country in a ‘real war’ with Russia

Macedonian Information Agency (Macedonia) : Lavrov says West is trying to destabilize Macedonia

Radio Prague (Czech Republic) : Czech foreign minister pledges support for Ukraine and EU association agreement

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Video raises concerns over Ukraine’s treatment of Russian prisoners

B92 (Serbia) : Ukraine charges captured Russians with “terrorism”

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine could ask for missile defences amid Russia threat

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : After Ukraine crisis, EU appears to trim its eastern ambitions

BelTA (Belarus) : Kalnins: Latvia welcomes Belarus President’s stand on Ukraine

European Voice (EU) : The inglorious Bundeswehr

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarus, Ukraine consider electrifying rail lines Gomel-Chernigov, Kalinkovichi-Korosteni

InSerbia (Serbia) : Moscow: Retaliatory measures if Ukraine hosts missile defense elements

Radio Bulgaria (Bulgaria) : The world hangs between diplomacy and guns

euro|topics (EU) : Ukraine more important for EU than Greece | Dagens Nyheter – Sweden

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Poroshenko: Kiev ‘on alert for attack’

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : Yuschenko: Ukraine needs military support, but not an expansion of the conflict

Baltic News Network (Austria-Latvia) : Russia: EU sanctions’ opponents first in line to lifting ban on food exports

RTÉ News (Ireland) : Ukraine ‘fighting real war’ with Russia

Charter97 (Belarus) : Coal expot from occupied Donbass

EUobserver (EU) : Russia to reward EU sanctions critics with food exports

EUobserver (EU) : [Feature] A year in Ukraine: from Maidan to Donbas

InSerbia (Serbia) : Poroshenko: Ukraine In ‘Real War’ With Russia

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Russia-Crimea Bridge Already under Construction

Baltic News Network (Austria-Latvia) : Poroshenko points to «real war» with Russia

BelTA (Belarus) : Apakan: Situation in Ukraine’s Shirokino will be settled within days

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Poroshenko: ‘I don’t trust Putin’

Dalje.com (Croatia) : EU leaders meet with eastern partners in shadow of Ukraine crisis

Euronews (France) : Moscow demands access to Russians detained in Ukraine

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : Ukraine shows off captured ‘Russian soldiers’

The Independent (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine crisis: Regional chief claims four Ukrainian soldiers have been killed as fighting erupts again in the east of the country


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe


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