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Summary information and map from Information Analysis Center – 25.10.2014

Situation in the ATO Zone

On the eve of the parliamentary elections of Ukraine, units of the ATO worked in the enhanced pace of service. On the liberated territories of the Donbas region, the representatives of the law enforcement units implemented enhanced service measures, so all citizens of Ukriane could cast their vote at the elections. The polling stations open in the localities of the Donetsk region and nearly 1,5 million people would be able to cast their votes. The security and guarantee of no interference will be provided on all stages of the voting process – during the voting, during the counting of votes, transportation of voting ballots from polling stations to district elections comissions.

Map of ATO 25-10

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Overall, the activity of terrorists in the ATO zone has not changed. For the past 24 hours no casualties reported, ten Ukrainian soldiers got wounded.

There are some changes in the activity of millitants, who are located near the Donetsk city. However, the activity of the terrorists in the Donetsk and Luhansk region has decreased.

We expect that there will be re-dislocation of terrorist groups into the Donetsk city airport and Debaltseve region. The ATO forces are ready to act adequetly if the situation will escalate. According to the data, several terrorist units put the insignia of Ukrainian Armed Forces on their veicles. Therefore,we expect some provocations against the civillian population.

The situation on the checkpoint number 32 near Smile locality is under control. No shelling takes place there, Ukrainian soldiers have enough weapons and ammunition to repell the potential attack. If needed, there will be support from the Amed Forces of Ukraine to the defenders of the above mentioned checkpoint.

The situation in Mariupol is stable; communal workers, facilities and transport work in the everyday regime.

No clashes with the terrorists took place on the border, controlled by Ukrainian military.

The activity of sniper terrorist groups has been detected near Stanychne-Luhanske. At 15.50 near Kolesnikovka locality, the sniper has attacked the unit of the Luhansk border control service. None of the Ukrainian military got wouneded as the result of the attack.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation continue airspace surveillance in the border area. Yesterday, at 18:52 near Krasna Talivka the border guards have noticed the UAV, flying near Blagovschenka (RU) on the 2 kilometer altitude. In addition, the flight of the UAV was detected near Mozhaevka (RU), on the altitude of 2 kilometers. In both cases, no interference of Ukrianian airspace took place.
Situation in the localities of the conflict zone

Our militarymen block all attampts of terrorist, who are trying to exit the ATO zone and bring arms to the liberated areas. Yesterday at 14:30, at one of the checkpoints near Kramatorsk, Ukrainian military have found 1 grenade “RGD 5,” 40-mm grenade “WOG 25” and a radio transmitter “Kenwood” during the search of the “Deawoo” car (its driver was a citizen of Ukraine). The driver, as well as all his arms were given to the law enforcement units of the Kostiantynivska area, Donetsk region.

As the result of the terrorist activity, 38 localities are now out of electricity. Those are located in the Shachtarsk, Amvrosiivka, Maryinka, Yasynuvata regions and in Telmanivka locality; same happened in some districts of Donetsk, Maryinka, Horlivka and Avdiivka.

The government workers on the liberated areas re-establish cooperation and help with the inhabitants, who were forced to get away from the localities, occupied by the terrorists. On October 24, the department of labour and social security of Kramatorsk city council registered nearly 1,400 IDPs from the ATO zone. In order ot get financial assistance to cover the living expenses of the IDPs, 1059 IDPs were registered.
International support to Ukraine

Words of support to Ukraine were voiced during the meeting of the UN Security Council, which took place in New-York. Namely, the asstant to the UN Secretary General Oscar Taranco declared that the free and fair parliamentary elections in Ukraine are needed to pecefully resolve the conflict. In the meantime, he has strongly condemned the leaders of the terrorist groups in their attempt to hold elections on November 2, 2014.

High Comissioner for Human Rights Ivan Šimonović emphasized on the immense number of human rights violations by the terrorists, namely, he pointed out forced mobilization, death penalties, the disappearance of people in Crimea; violations in terms of education and religion.

The representative of the UK, Mark Lyall Grant said: “Russia continues to supply terrorists with weapons and artillery. Their military forces remain on the territory of Ukraine. They use the techniques, which was previously used in Moldova and Georgia: they give out fake passports n the territories, controlled by the separatists.” The members of the UN Security Council emphasized that Russia must stop escalating the conflict and precisely follow the Minsk accords. Also, it has been reported, that the OSCE SMM did not find evidence of the use cluster munitions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Infotmation-Analytics Center of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine - official source Anti Terrorist Operation information.
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