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National Security and Defense Council:Two Ukrainian officers of the Armed Forces tripped a wire and died

Kyiv, November 1, 2015. Emergency situation officers continue working in Svatovo after a fire at ammunition storage facility. 100% water supply and 90% gas supply has been restored in Svatovo residential quarters. Three mobile kitchen trailers and three tents started functioning in the town. Moreover, 620 people received help in the warming centers today. Moreover, specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine promptly respond to found items of ordnance. No ammunition explosions were observed at the Armed Forces storage facility yesterday.


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No militants’ provocations at the frontline were recorded in the ATO zone. Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no casualties in combat and no troops were wounded. According to the State Border Guards Service, flight of a militant unmanned aerial vehicle was observed yesterday near Mariupol. Yesterday two officers of the Armed Forces tripped a wire in the woods between Avdiivka and Donetsk ring road and died.

Ukraine’s Security Services detained a woman who was militants’ source in Kostyantynivka. She was transmitting information about ATO forces to the chief of militants network with nom de guerre Pankrat who was detained on October 26.

Armed Forces subdivisions finished large-scale training at Shyrokyi Lan military training facility in Mykolayiv region. Paratroopers practiced raiding measures and terrain defence in the rear of manoeuvre enemy. Counterattack of the Armed Forces mechanized brigade became a culmination of the manoeuvres. Moreover, the troops underwent a training on psychological resistance under circumstances of enemy’s air raid, involving SU-27 and SU-25 planes and Мі-24 helicopters imitating attacks at low heights.

Fourteen truck proceeded through Novotroitske border crossing checkpoint, carrying humanitarian aid for inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territories from the Red Cross Committee.

Note: This text is a transcript of the official briefing of the spokesperson of Administration of the President of Ukraine on ATO-related issues. Uaposition can not change the wording and terms used by the spokesperson. We disagree with the used terms “Russian backed militants” and “Pro Russian terrorist” instead of “Russian troops” and “Russian terrorists”. However, this is official terminology of Ukrainian authorities because as of now Ukrainian authorities don’t recognize Russia as a Party to the Conflict in Ukraine and don’t severs diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.


Infotmation-Analytics Center of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine - official source Anti Terrorist Operation information.
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