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National Security and Defense Council:Militants were firing upon Ukrainian positions near Maryinka. Four Ukrainian servicemen were wounded

Kyiv, September 28, 2015. It was absolutely calm in the Luhansk sector in the ATO zone yesterday. Ukrainian troops incurred no casualties in the Luhansk sector over the last day.


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In the Donetsk sector, militants opened fire several times in the area of Svitlodarske water reservoir – near Luhanske and Lozove – in the evening. Another short-lasting militant provocation took place near Mayorsk. Yesterday’s ‘hottest spot’ was Maryinka where militants were firing upon Ukrainian positions for around an hour and a half.

In the Mariupol sector militant activity was registered near Novotroyitske, located west of Dokuchayevsk. The adversary was using grenade launchers, fired not precisely but in order to provoke. ATO forces also witnessed an airborne militant UAV near Zoria, located west of Pavlopil water reservoir. Four Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action yesterday. It happened near Maryinka.

Ukraine’s Security Service continues to detain militant spies. In Zaporizhia region law enforcement staff stopped criminal activities of a militant spying network operating in Berdyansk district. Three local residents were collecting information for payment and passing it over to the enemy via the Internet. They passed on information about troop movements, deployment places, weapons and a number of Ukraine’s Armed Forces units on duty in the ATO.

Ukraine’s Security Service staff detained another informer of the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ militant group in the ATO zone who was passing information to militants on deployment places of ATO forces in Yasynuvaty district in Donetsk region. The perpetrator was also directing fire from hostile artillery that was targeting our positions.

Note: This text is a transcript of the official briefing of the spokesperson of Administration of the President of Ukraine on ATO-related issues. Uaposition can not change the wording and terms used by the spokesperson. We disagree with the used terms “Russian backed militants” and “Pro Russian terrorist” instead of “Russian troops” and “Russian terrorists”. However, this is official terminology of Ukrainian authorities because as of now Ukrainian authorities don’t recognize Russia as a Party to the Conflict in Ukraine and don’t severs diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.


Infotmation-Analytics Center of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine - official source Anti Terrorist Operation information.
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