Russian invaders torture and kill animals: photos and video 18+

The Russian occupiers are committing atrocities not only against people, but also against animals. Numerous tortures and killings have taken place.

A wounded dog with multiple burns was found in the bushes, it had been exposed to shelling for a long time. The animal was almost blinded by the shelling of the invaders.


In the Kyiv region, locals rescued a roe deer with horrific burns that the animal received as a result of Russian shelling. The roe deer received first aid, but it has a long treatment now.

A private eco-park, near Kyiv was hit by Russians’ intense shelling. As a result of Russian actions, the eco-park was partially destroyed, many animals were killed.


Carcasses of pigs killed by Russian shelling

Ukrainians rescue ostriches who survived during the shelling of the Russian army. Nearby lies a bird killed by the Russians.

Russian soldiers caught, crucified and ate dogs near Kyiv. This was announced by the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Misyura. He posted a video on his YouTube channel. The enemy put the calves in packets, which he left nearby. Also on the ladder you can see the blood and fur of animals.

More than 330 animals died at the shelter in Borodyanka. Since the beginning of the war, they have been left without food and water.


Russians in Chernihiv region killed сattles


This roe deer got scared and killed himself against the wall

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