Russian army blew up the bridge across the Dnipro during the retreat from Kherson

Russian mass media have published photos and videos of the destroyed Antonivskyi Bridge (a bridge which crosses the Dnipro River) near Kherson (south of Ukraine) on November 11, 2022. It is noted that Russian troops blew up the bridge while leaving the city to the left bank.

Source: Oleksandr Kots, Russian journalist and propagandist

Oleksandr Kots showed a video from the scene. According to him, two spans of the bridge were destroyed. Kots stated that the bridge was blown up by Russians when they were leaving Kherson to the left bank.


Russian propagandists also publish photos of the Antonivskyi Bridge from other angles. The pictures show that the destruction is very large-scale.

“Suspilne Kherson” publication showed a photo provided by residents of the city. It shows that the bridge is destroyed in several places.

The following video shows how the Antonivskiy Bridge looks now.


Also, a video of the retreating Russians after blowing up the bridge appeared in the Telegram channels of the propagandists. It is reported that special forces units, which covered the retreat of the main forces, are leaving on foot by pontoon.


In addition, a makeshift bridge made of barges next to the Antonivskiy Bridge was also blown up.

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