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Yatseniuk sure it will be better tomorrow

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has said he is optimistic about the situation in Ukraine next year.
In his New Year and Orthodox Christmas congratulations to Ukrainians, he expressed confidence that “it will be better tomorrow,” the government portal reported.
“Everyone now thinks what will happen tomorrow, and this is natural. People want to know what life will be like, and whether there is any confidence that tomorrow it will be better. There is such confidence. There are confidence and belief that we will overcome everything together, that we will all win, that our country will be a model country in the European Union, that our Ukrainian family will be a worthy European family, with a Ukrainian passport, with Ukrainian citizenship, and that with this passport it will be easy to move freely across the European Union,” Yatseniuk said.
“Belief, confidence and hard work are the key to our Ukrainian success. Together we will win,” he added.

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