Yatseniuk: Lobbyists in parliament should recover consciousness and support GTS reform

Prime Minister Yatseniuk encourages people’s deputies to vote for the reform of the management system of the Ukrainian GTS, and not “to play into the hands of the Russians in the parliament.”
He told a briefing on Monday after a closed meeting of the Cabinet, Ukrinform reports.
“In order that this draft law was passed, that the Russians did not build the South Stream, to increase revenues of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, gas pumping, and that the country is not frozen – we need to go back to the law and to stop playing into the hands of the Russians in the Ukrainian parliament… The names of all lobbyists are clear – those who sat all the life on gas flows and now frustrated and want to further disrupt the passage of the draft law,” Yatseniuk said.
He reminded that the draft law on the reform of the management system of the gas transportation system of Ukraine stipulates that the GTS is still state-owned, and the operator can be exclusively the company, in which the state owns a controlling stake – 51%. The remaining 49% are exclusively the companies from the European Union and the United States, having the appropriate certification and licensing.
A final list of participants in such operating company is approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
28.07.2014 17:33

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