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Yanukovych`s testimony void, he was caught lying many times – prosecutor

Prosecution was not satisfied with the fact that, given the limited time of the interrogation, it was unable to ask Yanukovych most questions.

PGO prosecutor Oleksiy Donskoy said that the questioning of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych has shown that his testimony was void and that he had lied repeatedly, an UNIAN correspondent reported from a courtroom.

”As we expected, he [Yanukovych] had failed to answer specific questions. We had to prove – and we did it – that the testimony he made during free speech was void. He could not specifically explain circumstances of the events heard in court,” said Donskoy.

He added that the prosecution was not satisfied that, given the limited time of the interrogation, it failed to deliver most of the questions, as well as with the fact that some of the questions of the prosecution have been withdrawn by the court.

Speaking of the fact that Yanukovych had been caught lying during the interrogation, Donskoy gave an example when Yanukovych in particular ”gave a false answer regarding the absence of his contacts with Medvedchuk, which had been revealed as a result of direct and indirect evidence. Also, we have not heard a response about a letter regarding the introduction of troops, and it is very important for us because this letter and the shooting of people at the Maidan are the links of one chain. Yanukovych also told a lie when he said that he had not met with Surkov. They met with him in the Mezhyhiria residence, and we know about the specific time of the meeting.”

However, Donskoy added that today`s testimony of Yanukovych cannot be used in other criminal cases, where he appears as a suspect rather than a witness.

As UNIAN reported earlier, today Svyatoshinsky District Court of Kyiv questioned Yanukovych as a witness in the case of five former Berkut troops, accused of the Maidan shootings in February 2014.


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