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Yanukovych`s partners return stolen money, testify against fugitive ex-president

Two former officials from the team of Viktor Yanukovych, ousted Ukrainian ex-president – former Deputy Minister of Income and Fees Andriy Holovach and Deputy Economy Minister Oleksandr Suhomlin have testified to the investigation, providing sufficient evidence against Yanukovich and his entourage, according to Chief military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios, Espreso.TV reports.

The chief military prosecutor emphasized that the two officials had pled guilty and provided incriminating testimony against horizontal and vertical leadership of a criminal organization.

He reported that Suhomlin and Holovach have chosen to settle with the investigation and paid UAH 152 million to the budget.

The budget committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has decided to use the returned funds to grant a one-time payment to families of the Heavenly Hyndred protesters killed during the Revolution of Dignity and of the fallen ATO troops.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged the MPs to vote this week for the changes to the law on justice in absentia, to ensure forwarding to the court of the indictment against former president Viktor Yanukovych.


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