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Vladimir Putin`s private meeting with elite British schoolboys

Russian President Vladimir Putin has played hosts to schoolboys from Britain`s prestigious Eton College, who came to visit him in the Kremlin, according to CNN.

”And their schoolmasters didn`t even know about it,” CNN wrote.

”This was a private visit by a small group of boys (organized) entirely at their own initiative and independently of the college,” the school said of last week`s visit.

And it seems the Russian Embassy in London may have been none the wiser, too, CNN said.

”This was a private trip and a private meeting,” it said in a statement. ”The embassy issued the visas for the 10 Eton students visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

”So what did the boys make of the influential leader? `He was small in person but not in presence,` student Trenton Bricken said in a Facebook post with a photo of him shaking hands with Putin,” CNN wrote.

Eton isn`t unfamiliar with heads of government; the college has produced 19 prime ministers and countless public figures.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former Prime Minister David Cameron both attended the school.


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