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Verkhovna Rada intends to adopt state budget on December 22

The Verkhovna Rada plans on Thursday, December 22, to hold a second reading vote of a bill on state budget 2017, according to the parliament`s draft schedule for December 20-23.

Among other things, Tuesday, December 20, the deputies plan to consider a number of bills related to the budget approval. In particular, these are the questions of ensuring the balance of budget revenues in 2017. Also on this day, a package of draft laws regarding the transport sector will be considered.

On Wednesday, December 21, in addition to the ratification of international agreements, the Rada will consider the bill on compensation for housing destroyed during the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

On Thursday, December 22, the Rada will vote in the second reading for the presidential bill on the Supreme Council of Justice, as well as a number of draft laws relating to the approval of the budget, in particular concerning the improvement of the investment climate in Ukraine.

The bill on the state budget on this day is expected to be considered at 16:00.

On Friday, December 23, after an hour of questions to the government, only two bills are planned to be reviewed, relating to certain amendments to the Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers November 9 submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the draft state budget for 2017 for its second reading.

Budget revenues are set at UAH 721.4 billion, which is UAH 15.1 billion more than the figure stipulated y the initial draft, and expenses – at UAH 790.4 billion, which is 15.1 billion more. The maximum deficit level remains at the same level of UAH 77.5 billion, and the limit of national debt – also at the same level of UAH 2.296 trillion.

The document envisages doubling from January 1 of a minimum wage to UAH 3,200. For these purposes, additional costs in the amount of approximately UAH 28.3 billion are provided.

Additional revenue is expected to be received from increasing the profit charges of the National Bank by UAH 4 billion, dividends – by UAH 1.6 billion, and the increase in tax revenues as a result of higher wages – by UAH 9.4 billion for the state budget and by UAH 10.9 billion for the local budgets.

The Verkhovna Rada Budget Committee recommended the Parliament to consider in the second reading the draft budget for 2017 after the adoption of government-proposed bills related: on changing the pension provision (No.5130), on adjust the Budget Code and Tax Code (No.5131 and No.5132), as well as on special confiscation (No.5142). 


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