US President at G7 and NATO summits will focus on strengthening support for Ukraine and bringing Russia to justice

US President Joe Biden will pursue three main goals during the G7 and NATO summits in late June, which will relate to responding to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Source: US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby

President Biden has three overarching objectives.

“The free world has demonstrated incredible unity and resolve to advance three key objectives that I think you’re going to see are central to this trip.”

“One, our unwavering — reinforcing our unwavering support of a democratic, sovereign, and prosperous Ukraine, and holding Russia accountable for his war of aggression.

Two, managing the disruptions in the global economy, including energy and food prices, that are caused by this war of aggression that are impacting families all over the world, including here at home.

And three, charting an affirmative vision for the world in which democracies can deliver and that we are confident will win over autocratic and corrupt visions.”

He added that they would have more to share later in the week.

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