United States: Russia uses UN to support terrorists

U.S. alternate Representative to the UN for Special Political Affairs David Pressman notes that Russia stands out for its behavior not only in the conflict zone in Ukraine, but also in the UN Security Council.
U.S. representative said this during the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, responding to accusations from Russia’s permanent representative Vitaliy Churkin, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“Russia’s tactics lies in support for terrorists who raise chaos in Ukraine. The same tactics is continued here, in the UN Security Council, to divert attention, to obtrude fudge and hush up the facts,” the diplomat said.
In addition to this, the representative of the United States cited a number of the facts refuting the statement of the Russian side about its alleged fulfillment of the Minsk Agreement.
He also criticized Churkin’s accusations against Ukraine of militarization of the situation in eastern Ukraine.
David Pressman said that the new “peace proposals” of Russia’s president Putin were “unnecessary” because the specific steps to resolve the conflict had been discussed and approved in September in Minsk.

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