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Unemployment rolls soar to 50,000 in Zaporizhya region

In Zaporizhya region, unemployment has soared to threatening highs: 86 unemployed compete for one job opening, while the number of jobs openings crashed by two and a half times.
The issue was discussed at a press conference regarding the problems of employment in the region, the Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“As of today, Zaporizhya region has about fifty thousand unemployed. The number of job openings as of January 1, 2014 was 1017 positions, and in January of this year it totaled only 350 openings,” head of the organization to promote employment at the regional employment center Anzhela Doshchenko said.
According to her, the situation has been affected by several factors, especially the war in eastern Ukraine and Zaporizhya region borders on Donetsk region.
“This conflict has led to the economic downturn in such sectors of the regional economy as metallurgy and mechanical engineering, as well as the decline in agricultural production resulting in low wages and also a large influx of internally displaced person from the Donbas conflict zone who also need jobs,” the official said.
According to experts, this unfavorable situation will continue until the end of the year, so anyone who cannot find a job in his experience and training, can consult Zaporizhya regional employment center that offers retraining courses, upgrading skills or the unemployed can start their own businesses.
In addition, the unemployed Zaporizhya region residents can work seasonal jobs or at least they can be registered to obtain unemployment benefits.

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