Ukrainians queue up for energy efficiency loans

In just a week`s period, from 4 to 10 May, the Ukrainians took a total of UAH 83.9 million in loans for energy saving measures, according to the chief of the national energy efficiency agency, Serhiy Savchuk.
”Despite the holiday period, over a week`s period, from May 4 to May 10, [the Ukrainians] took 5,222 loans worth UAH 83.9 million,” said Savchuk.
It is noted that 185 loans were received for the purchase of ”non-gas” boilers (UAH 3.1 million), 5,034 – on energy-efficient equipment and materials (UAH 80.6 million), and three loans were given to housekeeper associations (UAH 190,000).
”`Warm` loans are also popular among the subsidized population. As of today, this category of citizens purchased energy-efficient products worth UAH 30.6 million. This is 2,111 low-income families, whom the government will reimburse 70% of the cost,” reads the statement by the energy efficiency agency.
At the same time, Serhiy Savchuk claims that these figures eloquently testify that the ”people`s mindset is gradually changing in terms of energy consumption.”

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