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Ukrainian citizens are electing people’s deputies who, under the law, are obliged to represent their interests in the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation.
Polling stations in Ukraine opened at 08.00.
Early parliamentary elections are held under a mixed electoral system: 225 candidates will become MPs on party lists and the remaining 225 will be elected at constituencies. However, due to an undeclared war in the east of Ukraine, a number of parliamentary seats will remain vacant because of the impossibility of holding the elections in some districts. However, the Verkhovna Rada will be legitimate as two-thirds of its members will be elected. According to the Central Election Commission, the elections could be held at 13 of the 21 constituencies in Donetsk region and at five of the 11 constituencies in Luhansk region.
A total of 3,468 candidates running for MP at single-seat constituencies have been registered, including 2,087 self-nominees and 1,381 nominated by parties. As many as 3,122 candidates from 29 parties will stand for parliament on party lists.
In particular, 302 MPs of the current convocation have been registered as parliamentary candidates.
The total amount of funds allocated for the preparation and holding of early parliamentary elections is UAH 980.88 million.
The Ukrainian diaspora also joined the elections. A total of 113 polling stations abroad are operating for this purpose. UAH 7 million was spent on the organization of the elections abroad.
As many as 2,321 international observers from 21 diplomatic missions of foreign countries and 20 international organizations are monitoring the Verkhovna Rada elections. In addition, the CEC registered 2,109 observers from NGOs, 6,487 from candidates running at single-seat constituencies and 14,561 from political parties.
Polling stations will close at 20.00.

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