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Ukrainian troops eliminate militant mortar detachment in Donbas

Footage of how Ukrainian troops are eliminating a militant mortar detachment in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) zone in eastern Ukraine has become available on the Internet, according to Ukrainian blogger Roman Sinitsin.
According to him, five militants were killed and 10 were wounded.

”One merry battalion has blown separatists up with antitank guided missiles. 5 KIA`s and 10 WIA`s,” he wrote on Friday.

A militant vehicle full of missiles was also destroyed.
As UaPosition reported earlier, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry`s GUR Main Intelligence Department revealed new proof that Russia continues supplying military hardware and weapons to Donbas militants.

A freight train with military hardware, namely three tanks, two 122mm Grad systems, two Ural trucks, and 160 tonnes of diesel fuel has recently arrived at the railway station in the militant-controlled town of Debaltseve, the intelligence service said.


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