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Ukrainian pilots performed astonishing sharp turns in Malta

Ukraine`s two Su-27 fighter planes and a transport aircraft IL-76 participated in the Malta International Air Show for the first time ever. And the Ukrainian pilots managed to impress the European audience. They showcased breath-taking stunts in the sky, most of which others could not repeat, according to Ukraine Today.

Oleksandr Oksanchenko was recognized as the best pilot in Czechia for incredible stunts of his fighter plane in early September.

The pilot himself is proud of his jet, Ukraine Today reports.

”It`s maneuverable, easy to fly and looks gracious in the sky,” Oleksandr Oksanchenko added.

The performance of Ukrainian pilots at the Air Show, where 35 countries were represented, was sensational. They were even recognized by their uniform.

However, they confess that there were a lot of things to learn. For example, flying at super low altitudes over the sea. They say it will be their task for the next year.


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