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Ukrainian official explains why occupied Crimea suspended checkpoints on Sunday

Deputy Minister for temporarily occupied territories in Ukraine George Tuka explained that the occupying authorities in Crimea had suspended traffic at checkpoints between the occupied peninsula and mainland Ukraine on Sunday due to the Russian military drills.

”According to information available — I`ve talked to Viktor Nazarenko, chief of [Ukraine`s] border service, today — and he told me that the occupying authorities in Crimea have started so-called military drills along the contact line. According to reports from the other side, the checkpoints ceased operations to avoid endangering civilians. The Ukrainian side has not been involved in any acts of provocation, this is ridiculous,” he told Channel 112 Ukraine.

According to reports, the movement of citizens across the administrative border between Crimea and Kherson region in mainland Ukraine was suspended on August 7. Later, the Kalanchak and Chaplynka checkpoints resumed operations in the direction of Crimea. Those attempting to leave the occupied peninsula have been stopped by Russian law enforcement agencies.

The Chonhar checkpoint is, however, open in both directions.

Witnesses claim roadblocks by the Russian traffic police and armed servicemen have been set up in some areas of the peninsula.


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