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Ukrainian National Sorochyntsi Fair opens in Poltava region

On August 16, the village of Velyki Sorochyntsi in Myrhorod district in Poltava region officially opened the national Sorochyntsi Fair, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Every district from Poltava region and most of other Ukrainian regions present their achievements at the fair, head of the Sorochyntsi Fair project Svitlana Svishcheva said.

Among the goods that are traded at the fair are foods and drinks, honey, clothes and footwear, textiles, jewelry, farming and garden equipment, pesticides and herbicides, construction materials, pottery, and many other commodities.

Companies from other countries have their products on display. Namely, they are from Vietnam, India, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

”As of now, some 376 companies, about 400 entrepreneurs and 480 folk artists are participating in the fair,” Svishcheva said.

Performances and workshops will be held in historical mansions built in the 19th century during writer Nikolai Gogol`s lifetime. Gogol was born in Sorochyntsi and is known for such works as ”Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka,” influenced by his Ukrainian upbringing, Ukrainian culture and folklore.

More than 40 folk craftsmen are holding classes on embroidery, pottery, basket weaving and origami, as well as aqua-makeup, the creation of motanky dolls and Didukh Christmas decorations made from a sheaf of wheat, beading and products made of polymer clay, along with blacksmith goods, wreaths, straw hats, candles, etc.

One can also learn how to cook the best Ukrainian borsch soup, halushky and varenyky dumplings and distill the alcohol drink varenukha.

Folk festivals, contests and performances by folk groups will take place at five spots on each day of the trade fair.

The closing ceremony is scheduled for August 21.


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