Ukrainian military destroyed 3 Russian helicopters and 3 ammunition depots in the south

According to Operational Command “South”, Ukrainian aviation carried out five attacks on Russian air defense positions in the south of Ukraine on October 24, 2022.

Source: Operational Command “South”

The situation in the operational zone in the Southern Bug direction is steadily tense but under the control of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The Russian army is conducting an active defense and trying to hold the occupied lines.

“Russian troops inflicted fire damage on positions and communities of Ukraine adjacent to the front line, including with the use of MLRS, barrel artillery, and mortars,” noted Operational Command “South”.

Missile and artillery units of the Ukrainian army completed 246 fire missions, in particular, at Russian mortar and artillery positions.

“Confirmed losses of the Russian army include: 40 soldiers, 3 tanks,  surface-to-air missile system “Osa”, 6 units of armored vehicles and 3 warehouses with ammunition in the Beryslav and Kakhovka districts. 6 Russian tanks were significantly damaged, and a tank “Ural” was symbolically captured,” concluded Operational Command “South”.

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