Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls provocation move to take down monument to UPA fighters in Poland

Kyiv is outraged by the taking down of the monument set up 23 years ago in honor of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in the cemetery of the village of Hruszowice near the city of Przemysl, Poland. Such actions are deemed a provocation on the eve of the marking of the 70th anniversary of the Operation Vistula criminal act, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry wrote in a comment.

In this regard, Ukraine will turn to the Polish side for official explanations, and agree on further steps to legalize all burial sites both in Poland and Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled that the proper level of protection of monuments should be ensured at the state level, in accordance with the bilateral agreement on the preservation of remembrance sites of 1994.

”An agreement has already been reached to hold bilateral consultations in Warsaw in the next few days with the participation of the leadership of the State Interdepartmental Commission for the perpetuation of the memory of participants to the Anti-Terrorist Operation, victims of war and political repressions,” the statement says.

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