Ukrainian border guards on Red Square in Moscow commemorate Kyiv effort in WWII victory (photo)

As Russia pays tribute to the hero cities from the former Soviet Union for their contribution to the victory in the World War II, putting flowers at the symbolic memorials to each of those cities on the Red Square in Moscow, the authorities in a controversial move chose to ignore the memorial to the City of Kyiv, according to the Ukrainian Border Guard Service spokesman Oleh Slobodian.
The Ukrainian Embassy took over the situation, laying yellow and blue flowers at the monument to Kyiv near the Kremlin, with two border guards from the embassy staff put as honorary guards on the Red Square near the Kremlin wall where the monument is located, Slobodian wrote on Facebook.
”In Russia, they `forgot` to put flowers at the memorial to the Hero City of Kyiv near the Kremlin wall. This ”forgetfulness” was fixed by the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia,” he wrote. ”Now there are yellow and blue flowers on the Red Square as well as [the Ukrainian] border guards as an honor guard. Twice as nice to see such picture…”

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