Ukrainian Army destroyed four Russian S-300 launchers, and three ammunition depots in the south

The Ukrainian army continues to carry out precise strikes on Russian positions in the south of Ukraine. Ukrainian defenders destroyed four S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, the “Imbir” radar system, the personnel of the Russian Armed Forces and three ammunition depots on August 4.

Source: Operational Command “South”

The command confirmed that the Russian occupying forces on the southern front lost 39 servicemen, four S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, an Imbir radar station, a Voloshka 82-caliber automatic mortar, as well as nine trucks and armored combat vehicles.

The Armed Forces also destroyed three ammunition depots in Prydniprovsk, Kherson, and Tokarivka.

In addition, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine densely attacked the Russian air defense system and logistics points, in particular, warehouses with ammunition in the Kherson region.

The command stated that the Russians were pinned down by Ukrainian troops without the possibility of advancing. At the same time, the occupiers intensified artillery and air strikes. Russian aircraft attacked Ukrainian positions on the contact line 16 times and struck recently liberated settlements. No casualties have been reported.

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