Ukrainian army began a targeted attack of Russian manpower and equipment in the south

Ukrainian journalist noted on September 7, 2022, that the most painful thing for the enemy is the loss of personnel, especially now, when the Russian army has been staffing the cadre soldiers with people who have not received any training.

Source: Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov

Important news has appeared on the Russian Telegram channel. It states that the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a targeted attack against Russian manpower and equipment after disabling large ammunition depots, the bridges across Dnieper River at Kakhovskyy bridgehead and destroying a significant part of Russian air defense.

“Firts, personnel losses are the most difficult thing for the enemy, especially when it comes to artillery calculations. Before the invasion, I spoke and wrote many times about the fact that Russia’s main problem was not iron but a lack of qualified and motivated personnel. “Great Russia” has far fewer men to send to war and who are able to fight. The general mobilization will not be profitable for Russia because it will result in the outflowing of the population, emigration and high economic losses. Secondly, the forcibly mobilized troops show very low combat capabilities and suffer high losses. Thirdly, Russia has no reserves and production capacity to supply a large ground force: Russia does not have the communication, intelligence, equipment and weak logistics,” the journalist explained.

Russian occupiers are forced to manpower their troops by hiring people off the street without any training for three-month contracts.

“Any destroyed occupier is an important achievement. The economy is not primarily depleted, but people in a modern war of attrition.”

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