Ukraine’s Representative to UN lists specific Russian troops fighting in eastern Ukraine

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to UN Yuriy Sergeyev asked the Russian delegation directly what specific Russian armed forces were doing in eastern Ukraine at the meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday.
He even switched his speech from English into Russian to ask the question, the Ukrinform own correspondent reports.
His question included specific military names of Russian troops and their original locations that have been operating in concrete eastern Ukrainian areas. In particular, the Ukrainian diplomat mentioned Russian troops that came from Pskov, Ulyanovsk, Maikop, Stavropol, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Shylovo, Yurga, Oleyska and other cities but whose presence is hidden by the Russians.
“Overall there’s more than eight thousand personnel. Are they all on vacation as we have heard explanations by the Russian side? Do their families know about it?” ambassador Sergeyev asked head of the Russian delegation.
The Ukrainian Representative said that “Russia officially denies information on dispatching its military to eastern Ukraine but their families confirm the fact.”
Yuriy Sergeyev addressed the UN Security Council that illegal armed groups have recently enlarged their zone of attacks and shelling. They are supported by the Russian Federation through receiving so-called “Russian “humanitarian convoys.”
Although the Russian delegation used the right to an additional speech at the meeting, it didn’t answer the question posed by the Ukrainian side.

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