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Ukraine’s government freezes $1.42 billion in Yanukovych’s accounts

Ukraine’s State Financial Monitoring Service has blocked $1.42 billion in non-resident companies accounts associated with the ousted president Yanukovych, his relatives, former government officials and their related parties.
The state service for financial monitoring has reported the news.
“The service continue its active work to investigate money laundering received from corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds and property by ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovych, his relatives, officials of the previous Ukraine’s government and their related entities as well as persons involved in the organization of deliberate mass murder of people and separatist activities in the territory of Ukraine,” the press service of the department.
“Financial Intelligence prepared and sent to the police 268 materials on financial transactions carried out by Yanukovych, his relatives and former government officials, authorities, local government authorities,” the statement said
The press service reported that financial investigations revealed financial transactions by 44 non-resident companies registered in Cyprus, Panama, UK, Belize, Seychelles, Austria associated with Yanukovych and his closest associates.
These non-resident companies transferred funds to accounts opened in the Ukrainian banks in the amount of $1.37 billion through accounts opened in Latvian banks during 2010-2013.The significant portion of that money was used to purchase government bonds.
The amount of frozen funds in non-residents accounts of 44 companies controlled by Yanukovych family was $1.42 billion dollars, including $1.37 billion in Ukraine and $49.51 million abroad.
“As a result of the measures, the total amount of discovered and blocked by governmental service is the equivalent of $1.49 billion,” the statement said.
It is reported that 774 episodes were prepared in generalized and additionally generalized form during 2014 and they were submitted to Prosecutor General, Ministry of Interior, the state fiscal service and Security Service of Ukraine.

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