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Ukraine gets UAH 78,000 in confiscated funds with target set at UAH 7.8 bln

Ukraine`s state budget received UAH 78,000 in funds from confiscation and sale of assets of corrupt officials over the seven months of this year, according to a report on the implementation of the state budget in January-July 2016, the investigative journalism portal Nashi Groshi wrote.

In particular, as of August 1, some UAH 78,382.69 was transferred to the state budget`s special fund under classification code 50080100 ”Confiscated funds and funds received from the sale of property seized by a court decision for committing corruption and corruption-related offenses,” Nashi Groshi wrote.

At the same time, it was expected that a total of UAH 7.75 billion in funds seized from corrupt officials would be received in 2016, while the draft bill on the state budget for 2017 projects revenue from confiscation of assets at UAH 10.5 billion.

According to Nashi Groshi, the Prosecutor General`s Office (PGO) reported late in 2015 that funds seized in the execution of court decisions on the confiscation of property and special confiscation last year were actually assigned seven budget classification codes. This was due to the fact that the name of code 50080100 was formulated as ”seized funds and funds from the sale of confiscated property that has been misappropriated through corruption.” While the current version of Ukraine`s legislation has no reference to the term ”misappropriated through corruption.” That is why, funds were transferred under different codes due to ambiguous interpretation.

The PGO assured that appropriate amendments had been introduced into the 2016 state budget and all corruption-related funds being seized are assigned one code (50080100).

According to the PGO, in January-November 2015, confiscation and special confiscation were applied in relation to 77 persons who committed corruption offense and with regard to whom relevant court decisions were enacted. As of the end of the year, 20 sentences out of 77 were executed having resulted in transferring of UAH 255,000 to the state budget. At this, a total of UAH 100,000 was received under code 50080100, as compared to a target of UAH 1.5 billion, according to a report on the implementation of the budget for 2015.


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