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Ukraine to shoot down aircraft breaching its airspace – Cabinet of Ministers

The new regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allows the Ukrainian military to shoot down foreign aircraft violating the country`s borders or involved in committing a terrorist act.

The Cabinet resolution dated December 28 refers to ”the destruction of the aircraft of the armed forces of other states, which have violated the state border of Ukraine and use weapons and/or carry out airlift of personnel, military equipment, including the destruction of unmanned aircraft violating the state border of Ukraine or applied in the airspace of Ukraine in order to carry out a terrorist act, reconnaissance, jamming, and support of the illegal armed groups.”

The decision to open warning fire and fire and engage targets shall be provided by the Minister of Defense, Chief of General Staff, Commander of the Air Force or persons performing their duties.

In addition, the crew commanders of aircraft interceptors (helicopters), ships (boats), ground-based air defense systems are entitled to open fire on the aircraft of the armed forces of other states, which have violated the state border of Ukraine and use weapons.

Engaging target is allowed after the warning shot.

”This regulation improves the order of execution of missions by Ukrainian air defense forces on duty. In addition, it specifies the task of using the means and methods of air defense. That is, in fact, the regulation allows the use means of the forces that are available in the zone of the ATO. Also, it allows the use of forces and means of other military formations, including opening fire on the unmanned aircraft that violate our airspace,” said Yurchylo.

According to the press officer, the Air Force of Ukraine is on duty 24/7 and ready for an adequate response in the event of violations by the adversary.

”Divisions of air defense forces, S-300 and Buk anti-aircraft missile systems are on duty. As well as corresponding forces and means of the radio-technical troops, which monitor the entire perimeter of the air space, and certain combat aircraft that is on duty on special airfields,” he said.


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