Ukraine test fires brand new Vilkha missile complex

Ukraine successfully conducted another series of tests of a modern Ukrainian-made high-accuracy missile complex Vilkha, Kyiv`s Luch State Design Bureau, which is part of Ukroboronprom State Concern, wrote on Facebook.

The complex is superior to a Tochka U tactical ballistic missile system (with a maximum combat range of 120 km). It is noted that all components for the production of Vilkha are Ukrainian-made, including a new control system, new rocket fuel, and a new warhead.

”One of the features is the missile control system is that it ensures adjustment of the missile`s trajectory in flight with the help of impulse engines. The missile is capable of carrying various warheads, depending on the target,” the report says.

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  1. Great place to test new missiles, on the front line in Donetsk.

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