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Ukraine representative in Contact Group releases Kyiv`s counterarguments at Minsk talks

Ukraine`s envoy to the Trilateral Contact, Yevhen Marchuk, made public some excerpts from the documents presented by Kyiv during peace talks in Minsk, which confirm the deterioration of the situation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) zone.

”It is necessary to note that all the information that you will read is formally reported by the Ukrainian side to the OSCE SMM,” Marchuk wrote on his Facebook page.

As reported, militants violated the ceasefire 1,386 times in the period from August 01 to August 25, 2016, including 675 cases in which they used weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. This includes 5 attacks with tanks, 23 attacks with 152-mm caliber artillery, 62 attacks with 122-mm caliber artillery, 585 attacks with mortars, including 230 firings using 120mm mortars and 355 times with 82mm mortars.

At the same time, during the August period, militants fired 8,643 rounds, of which: 65 were tank shells, 1,877 were artillery shells (457 shells of 152-mm caliber, 1,420 shells of 122-mm caliber), 6,701 were mortar shells (2,929 mortar shells of 120-mm caliber, 3,772 mortar shells of 82-mm caliber).

In particular, during the August period, nine clashes were reported near the villages of Bohdanivka (on 04.08.2016, 15.08.2016, 18.08.2016), Maryinka (06.08.2016), Starohnativka (07.08.2016, 13.08.2016), Mykolaivka (13.08.2016), Novooleksandrivka (14.08.2016), and Avdiyivka (22.08.2016), during which the illegal armed groups operated from infantry combat vehicles, and fired mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms against the ATO forces. As a result of these clashes, the Ukrainian armed forces reported two soldiers killed in action (sanitary – 2).

It is also noted that the recent period saw a surge in the number of targeted firings (97%) at Ukrainian positions, contributing to higher war losses among the Ukrainian armed forces.

The militants also continue active reconnaissance activities, in a bid to chart the ATO forces` battle formations, as well as identifying sites of fire strikes within the tactical and operational-tactical structure of Ukraine`s defense.



  1. What kind of garbage is this? Your sick lies will get you nowhere, and your people in Ukraine will continue to suffer as your living standard is in the toilet. It would be very wise to reconsider your policy of lying, and trying to make Russia look responsible as it is not working. The PEOPLE know the truth, you bums!

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  2. The “garbage” is Russian aggression against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

    The Ukrainian economy and political system would be MUCH BETTER if Russia had not been interfering for the last 25 years. Destroy 25% of a countries GDP and see what happens to its economy and people’s lifestyles. Donetsk and Luhansk are core of Ukrainian heavy industry and Russia destroyed them.

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