Ukraine received two Crotale missile batteries from France

The Minister of Defense of France Sebastien Lecornu said on November 20, 2022, that the total amount of military aid from France to Ukraine reached 550 million euros.

Source: The Minister of Defense of France Sebastien Lecornu

Speaking about the assistance already provided by France, Sebastien Lecornu said that among the last systems transferred to Ukraine are two batteries of Crotale air defense systems, as well as two multiple rocket launchers (LRU) for deep land strikes.

“Adding up all of our military aid, we are in the top five countries. We are one of the biggest contributors with 550 million euros out of a total of 3 million euros,” explained Sebastien Lecornu.

France transferred the following types of weapons to Ukraine:

  • night vision devices;
  • Milan and Mistral missiles;
  • 18 Caesar self-propelled artillery installations;
  • anti-tank mines HDP-2A2;
  • 60 VAB armored personnel carriers;
  • means of protection in case of a nuclear, biological or chemical threat.

In addition, the French Parliament approved a support fund of 200 million euros.

“It allows Ukrainians to place orders for equipment with French companies or ensure the upkeep and maintenance of systems already delivered,” said the French Minister of Defense.

France also wants to train 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers out of 15,000 approved as part of the EU training mission.

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