Ukraine received more than 400 bodies of soldiers as part of exchanges with Russia

400 bodies of servicemen were transferred to Ukraine as part of the exchange with Russia, mostly – those who died at “Azovstal” steelworks. The majority of the bodies have already been identified.

Source: Commissioner for Missing Persons of Ukraine Oleh Kotenko

The bodies of the soldiers are sent to the morgues of Kyiv, Dnipro and Kharkiv. There are plans to add another morgue — in Zaporizhzhia. Kotenko asks the relatives of the deceased to take DNA tests so that it would be possible to establish the identity of the deceased. Relatives can take the test in any city in the country, the results are entered into a single database.

“If we now take the majority of people not from Azovstal, there will be more cases where there is a body, but DNA has not been submitted. Therefore, when I conduct negotiations, there is an agreement with Russia to write at least about where the body is coming from — is it the Luhansk direction, Volnovakha or is it the Kharkiv direction, etc. Because there are a lot of bodies without documents, we donʼt know who they are,” Kotenko said.

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